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We know that coming to the first session of anything can be a bit daunting, but we love welcoming new members to our sessions so do come along!


You don't have to have ever played softball (or any sport!) to come along. Beginner players will be taught the basics of the sport (throwing, catching, batting and general rules) along with other beginners, so you can all learn together. Our coaches are really friendly and are members of the club themselves, so will take it at whatever pace you need to get comfortable with your new-found skills!

"taught the basics at your own pace"

Once you're ready, you'll join the more experienced players in training drills to practice skills, before usually ending sessions with a fun mini-fixture. But don't worry, you can choose when you're ready to join this - it may take several sessions before you feel ready and that's a-ok!


If you've played softball before, we'll simply ask roughly what experience you have and then work out which training drills to join to make sure you are comfortable.



There's no need to bring any specific kit along, as we have plenty of gloves, bats and safety equipment for you to use.


Just come prepared for some running around outside, but also bring a layer or two as there is a fair bit of less active parts of the game and we don't want you getting cold! A bottle of water and a snack to get you through the two hours is also recommended and on sunny days sunglasses, sun cream and a cap are a good idea.


If you have any trainers/boots with extra grip on or studs then they will help you not slip on the grass, but they aren't necessary at first. If you do bring them, please make sure they don't have metal studs as these aren't allowed in softball!


We often head to the pub or clubhouse after training sessions, so do plan a bit of time to join u and get to know everyone! It's a great chance to make some new friends, or ask any questions about what you learnt at training.

Any questions, do speak to out General Officers!

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