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Training is where all our new players start, giving you the chance to learn the rules, positions and gameplay. Don't worry, we have great coaches who will teach you all you need to know - no previous experience necessary!

Experienced players from the club also join training, so it's the best opportunity to meet all our friendly members and make some new friends too. You'll also get to practice your newfound skills with them and a trip to the pub after training is a regular occurrence :)

"no previous experience necessary!"


Where: Wandsworth Common - John Archer Way softball pitch area

When: Every Saturday from 4th March to 1st April

Time: 12pm sign in and warm up, 12.30 start and finish by 3pm

Who: All current and new players / All levels welcome


Whether you’ve played with us before or are considering joining our club, come along! 




Once you've learnt the basicsyou'll have the chance to try out for a league team or become a pool player and put yourself forward for tournament teams. We will also create playing opportunities for members who aren't on a league team.

We have 5/6 teams each year, ranging from beginners through to experienced. Whatever your ability, everyone is welcome, and should you join our teams or tournaments, we'll provide any guidance and support needed to make you successful. 

If you want to find out more, please speak to our General Officers.

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