This page is all about the Tournaments Raiders enter as a club throughout the season: Diamond, DiscoBall, RookieBall, First & Last Ball etc.

For the Raiders Tournament 2021 that we organise ourselves please refer to the link in the menu above. 

Flowchart Summary 


From the feedback received from our members previously, this year the Tournament Officer has taken care that there is  clearer communication regarding:


  • Tournaments Calendar 

  • Team Selection – Including monitoring fairness of play.


A flow chat has been created for clarity of process. The Tournament Officer has worked on a list of potential tournaments for the club to enter, which will be displayed on the calendar to help allow members to make their plans for the summer. 


We appreciate that not all members can decide if they are available later in the season so communication will be sent out to gauge interest for a tournament.  Availability and interest will be collected via an online form, which will remain accessible to each person who has completed it, to allow members to update their answers on an ongoing basis.



After the deadline for interest, a list of all who are deemed eligible for that tournament will be made and volunteers from the list will be asked to put themselves forward to captain.  Captains must be paying Raiders members. If you wish to captain a tournament team please email:


Normally for a two day tournament, there would be 14 members on a tournament team and 12 for a one day tournament (even split of genders). If there are more members expressing an interest than spaces, the captains will make the decision as to who they select, making the Tournaments Officer aware of the decision to make sure there is fairness. The members not originally selected will be notified and placed on a Reserve List. Any member who is selected to play is required to pay their fee at least two weeks before the date of the tournament or they risk losing their place on the team. 

If the tournament team falls short of the necessary number (due to injury or other reasons), the captains can seek out other members but first need to ask anyone placed on the reserve list (if one exists). If after contacting all members on the reserve lists the team is still short, the captains can speak to any eligible paying members – whether they are on a league team or  a pool player. Once all possible members have been exhausted, captains may speak to members outside of the Raiders but must have permission from the Tournaments Officer. This is to prevent eligible paying members who can play, and are willing to play, being unfairly overlooked in favour of a non-Raider.


If in the unlikely event we still do not have a full team to enter, the club will have to withdraw entry and request a refund for tournament fees, whilst all members of that team will be notified.


We'll keep an eye on the list of people who sign up but are not selected for a team in order to ensure fairness in opportunities throughout the season.  

Footnotes from the flow chart 

1. Due to the Diamond Tournament being a series, the team will typically be chosen early in the season.

2. Tournaments are graded at B, C and D level. Therefore, you will only be eligible to play for the tournament team of the grade that matches and suits your ability and experience. To help decide on eligibility, we will use the Raiders' league team the individual has been assigned to, or if a pool player, where the individual normally would have played as a guidance. However, it is perfectly normal for players to be eligible to play at two grades (e.g. B and C grade or C and D grade). If somebody has not previously played on a Raiders team, the captains will use their discretion to select players they have reason to believe will be suited to the level of play.


The guidance we use is as follows: 


  • B-grade (competitive tournaments for very experienced players) are normally for Gold and some Blue and Red level players.


  • C-Grade (recreational tournaments for experienced players) are normally for Gold, Blue, Red and some Green level players.


  • D-grade (recreational tournaments for least experienced and new players) are normally for  Red, Green, Orange, the previous Indigo and new players who have not been assigned to a Raiders team. 


These are simply broad guidelines, as it will be ultimately be up to the captains’ discretion (with the aid of the Tournament Officers) to decide on the team depending on the tournament.  

3. It is still the captains’ responsibility to collect entry fees for the whole team.  This year to avoid late drop outs all players must  pay their entry fee to the tournament team captains 2 weeks in advance of the specific tournament. If a player drops out with less than 2 weeks notice, it is the player’s responsibility to find a suitable replacement, or else the tournament fee is forfeited. If a player drops out with more than 2 weeks notice, a full refund will be given. In the event of dispute, the matter will be referred to the Tournaments Officer. 
Tournament Flow Chart 2021.png