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Softball is a team sport, usually played with 10-14 people per team. In essence it is a bat and ball sport, similar to baseball and rounders. One team bats and runs round the bases to score runs (points), while the other team catches and throws the ball to try and stop their opponents from scoring. Teams swap from batting to throwing several times throughout a game, giving everyone a chance to do everything!

"all genders and athletic abilities welcome"


The sport involves batting, catching, throwing, sprinting, tactics and team play, so is suitable for everyone, no matter what their athletic ability. It's also really fun!

In the UK, softball is generally a spring/summer sport as we play outside, and this is what the Raiders focus on. But there are opportunities outside the club to keep playing throughout the autumn and winter too for those who are hooked!


Raiders play slowpitch softball, which simply means the batter has a slower (and easier) ball to hit - as opposed to a fast baseball-style pitch. We also play a co-ed version, which means our teams have equal numbers of men/non-binary and female/non-binary players. Everyone is welcome!

"a sport suitable for everyone"

You can find out more about the sport on our FAQs page, or by visiting the websites for the national bodies of softball. Visit our Links page for their details. Alternatively, send a message to the General Officers who'd love to hear from you! 

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