There are going to be lots of 'depending on this, and subject to that...' this year, but hopefully we can start with our training for April. These sessions are based on the easing of the lockdown as set out by the UK Government and subject to change at short notice. 

There will be sessions for beginners as well as experienced players.

Have a read of what we are asking of you before signing up:


If you sign up, please be there and be on time. In order to run these sessions the Club needs to have a greater control of numbers than usual, so please treat it as a league game. If you don’t show up or are being late for a session you’ve been confirmed for, it will negatively affect your fellow players’ playing experience. We will also have excellent external coaches, paid for by the Club, and we don't want their time or the Club's money to be wasted. 


Plan your journey to and from the pitch. All training sessions this month are planned to take place on Wandsworth Common (see map below). Make sure you can get there using a mode of transport you’re comfortable with. 


We need to observe social distancing at all times before and during the game so please be aware:

  • No physical contact, such as hugging is allowed. This is not a rule Raiders made up, but this is one of the conditions of play that we are required to follow, so please respect it. This applies even if you have made the decision to hug friends in private.

  • No sharing of food and drinks.

  • No smoking or vaping.

  • Spectators are discouraged.

At the time of writing we are to follow the “Return to Play” rules by BSUK (current version is from August 2020 and is subject to change). They cover not only the changes to the rules, but also cover areas you might not immediately think of, such as smoking, vaping and even cheering from the side-lines. Anyone not adhering to these rules may be asked to leave, and could be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Raiders Code of Conduct.  Please find a link to the complete set of rules below.


Everyone in the Club will have a different view on Covid-19, and what is acceptable behaviour (in addition to what is covered by the BSUK rules). Please be respectful to your fellow Raiders who might have an opposing view to yours. 

Remember that coming to training after a year of working from home and a lot less socialising some players might feel anxious and a bit nervous. Be extra mindful and tolerant of this when you come to training. 


If you're confirmed for a training session you will be required to fill out a 'Covid-19 Participant Attendance Form' with a simple health declaration with regards to Covid-19 symptoms. This will be emailed out in advance of the day in question. 


This is an unusual pre-season for us and as we are dependent on decisions made by others more than usual.  Sessions might be cancelled, changed, moved at a short notice. The best way to find out the latest updates is to join our WhatsApp group:

By signing up to any of the training sessions you agree to follow the rules above.