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Updated: Jan 14, 2020


Findings from the 2019 End of Survey:

Good representation from all teams, but we had the most responses from Green and Red (accounting for 26% and 20% of total responses respectively). The rest came from Blue (13%), Gold (11%), Indigo (13%), Orange (9%), and Pool league / tournament players (8%). 

Findings reflect those who chose to answer the survey. 

We’ve addressed specific areas covered in last year’s end of season survey below - this is just an overview of our goals and there is more stuff happening behind the scenes. Any questions, email Jacques on:


What you said: Most were happy (95%) with last season’s training, but some wanted a focus on specific skills training, team specific training, extra winter training, women’s only training, umpire training.

What we’re doing: 

- More training! 

- A full winter-pre season training, starting on 18th Jan. 

- Specific fitness training as well as core games skills. 

- Aiming to bring in specialist coaches to help with specifics and theory, such as batting, fielding, pitching. Dedicated women’s/non binary training. 

- Extending training to 3 hours to allow for training plus pick up games.

- Dedicated team training.


What you said: Most were happy (91%) but comments focused on: having more women, needing to develop team skills and abilities.

What we’re doing:

- Scheduling team selection earlier than than last year so that teams get the chance to train together more (with captains to be selected by the end of February 2020, and teams to be selected by the end of March 2020).

- Replacing specific selection day with selection from across pre-season training, with a focus on the softball-specific training days throughout March. 

- Adding women’s/non-binary training to improve recruitment, engagement and retention of these players.


Everyone who answered was happy (46% very happy, 54% quite happy) with tournaments. 

Most (55% want to play D/Rec), the rest C (24%) and B (21%).

What you said:

You wanted more publicity about tournaments and greater opportunities to participate, better communication over chances to play, a tournament manager, more non-facebook comms. 

What we’re doing:

- Adding all tournaments to the Raiders website calendar so you can see and plan ahead (you can see the dates and broad details for all tournaments already at:

- We will be sending regular updates for the next series of tournaments.

- At the moment - 33 tournaments potentially possible for Raiders to enter.

- Not 1 but 2 tournament managers this season.

- We’ll be clarifying the process of selection and eligibility to play and captain a tournament team.

- We’ll be providing extra support to help encourage first time captains.

Raiders Tournament is on again this year! Date to be confirmed ASAP.

- We’ll be clarifying some tournament lingo to make it easier to decide which tournaments to enter.


(Start/End of season parties, Meet the Raiders, Bowling, Pride, and generally)

What you said:

Most who attended were happy but most did not make it. You said you want more non-pub events, more chances to socialise, a better Pride socialising area.

What we’re doing: 

- Adding loads more chances to socialise, with weekly social events that are not always boozy. 

- We’re organising a dedicated non-pub event about once a month. 

- Looking into creating a Raiders fitness group as another opportunity to socialise. 

- We’ve set provisional dates for the Start of Season Party and Meet the Raiders and are finalising the location for these.

- Pride - we are looking into getting a venue for post-march this year.

- Bowling - we’ve not looked at this yet this season, but we will return to this nearer the time (bowling will recommence after the 2020 season ends, i.e. around autumn).


What you said:

Most were happy (95%), but there were calls to not rely on social media, adding tournaments and committee role information to the website, and updates after committee meetings. You said you like the weekly games comms. 

What we’re doing: 

Keeping the game updates. 

Exploring a new team management system which will hopefully allow everyone to be contacted in their preferred way.

Making committee more transparent - publishing minutes on the website, and this document too! 


Most were happy (93% very / quite happy), but we recognise last year struggled as we didn’t have a full committee. 

What we’re doing:

We have a full committee, and are particularly focusing on team development, training, communication, and tournaments. 

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