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Thank you to everyone for their comments in the End of Season survey, they really help with growing the club in the direction our members want. The 2021-22 Committee has reviewed these and aims to address them throughout the season. Some specific responses to members' comments are:


  • "More experienced players could probably benefit from sessions with professional coaches": we plan to continue hiring professional coaches throughout the season to lead training sessions.

  • "Not clear at times what was going to be done at each training session, so was hard to plan": we are looking at ways to advertise sessions further in advance so members don’t miss out on developing key skills.


  • "Do you have cheat sheets explaining which tournaments is which?": we aim to provide more information on key tournaments to help players decide which are right for them, including potential cheat sheets.

  • "If we could have more advanced warning of what tournaments we’re entering that would be great": we are looking at how to improve publicising tournaments more easily and further in advance.


  • "Continue to offer alternatives to Facebook": we will continue using the website, WhatsApp, emails and social media communication channels so that members have a variety of ways to keep in touch.

  • "The team selection process isn't very transparent": we will try to be clearer on when and how team selection takes place and welcome specific comments on how to improve it.

  • "Socials... would be nice to have a few more of them!": we agree and are hoping to bring back a few that couldn’t take place during the pandemic - watch this space!

As we address more specific comments we will let members know. And as ever, if you have any questions, do get in touch :)

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