Committee Meeting - 9 March 2021

Attending: Andy, Anthea, Cora, Cristian, Derek, Gustav, Lexi, Lucy, Kurt

1. Survey Results

The spreadsheet was shared

We need 84 (42m/nb & 42f/nb) for 6 teams of 14, we need 70 (35m/nb & 35f/nb) for

5 teams of 14. We don’t have enough for 6 teams so we have agreed to only

enter 5 teams into the LSL this season, and to drop Indigo.

Up to 75 people plus 12 newbies are willing to attend softball training

62 people were interested in fitness/other training

2. Plan for 2021

LSL will be having an emergency AGM soon (no date confirmed yet) to

discuss to overall season plan.

Softball training

Assuming up to 30 will be allowed we should plan for 2 sessions with 30 mins

between for people to leave and equipment to be wiped, up to 28 allowed per

session with 2 coaches (minimum of 15 needed to run the session)

Sessions to run on Saturdays 11am-1pm and 1.30pm to 3.30pm

First session to be Saturday 3rd April

Pick up game to be arranged for Monday 5th April (Easter Monday)

Newbie sessions will be Saturdays 4-5.30pm starting 10th April

Once newbies have the basics we can try to integrate them into regular

training depending on numbers

Andy has asked coaches from last year. Ryan is no longer available to coach.

Liz Knight is keen to help, also Chris Yoxall. Andy to look into it.

Fitness/other training

These will run weekly on alternating Tues and Thurs evenings from 6.30-7.30,

max capacity 15, minimum 5

We could suggest people form local bubbles for fitness training so they don’t

need to travel via public transport

The next league communication should be asking people to sign up to the

sessions, ask people to keep the day clear until we have an idea of the


If people sign up but don’t show they need a good reason or they may not be

allowed to attend other sessions of they are full, ask people to give as much

notice as possible if they can’t make it, they can only attend the session they

have signed up for, no switching timeslots

Also need to put a call out for team captains for 2021

3. Access to kit at The Hope

The Hope have agreed to let us collect kit from the basement before the pub

reopens. Lucy can collect it but needs to know what to get

Ideally we need bases, balls, and gloves

We can ask people to bring their own bats and balls

Kurt has a some weighted balls from the US, plus a new bat, he can pass

these on to someone to bring to training

Kurt will buy some padlocks for the bags

4. Tournaments

Kat is ok with the Raiders Tournament date

Ali wants to enter a team into Sons of Pitches

There has been no news about Diamonds dates so far

Some tournaments have been announced

It would be better to ask people to sign up as and when rather than all at once

like in previous years

BSUK are due to issue further guidance on 22nd March

Lexi to do the flow chart she was working on with Stephen last year

Gay Games registration was due to open in March but no news so far

5. Finance Update

The only payment this month is web fees.

Membership fees to be discussed at the next meeting

6. Socials

James has moved to Manchester so is no longer the Social Officer

It was suggested we ask the league if anyone wants to step up but was

agreed the rest of the committee can cover it and ask for help if needed

7. AOB

Gustav will be updating our social media in the hope of attracting new


Next meeting scheduled for Tues 23rd March, 7.30pm

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