Committee Meeting - 8th July (online)

In attendance: Cristian, Stephen, Lucy, Anthea, Lexi, Amelia, Andy, Kurt

Apologies: James, Jacques, Amelia

1. Pride Competition

a. Prizes awarded to Lucy & Tobi, as decided by the committee.

2. Calendar / events

a. Next Quiz to be hosted by Andy 23rd July. Queenie & Stephen to host further quizzes. Dates to be decided. [Action: Andy, Stephen)

3. Kit

a. Samples still being circulated. Phase4 would like the samples back at some point (Action: Cristian)

b. Cristian has found a new potential supplier (Baseball Outlet) connected to the London Softball League. Will follow up and get more details so we can compare and contrast with Phase 4 (Action: Cristian)

4. Tournaments

a. Diamond 1 & 2 – has now been cancelled and it has been decided that Diamond Tournament can keep the fees for next year. So we will have one B & C Team entered.

b. Stephen to chase Sons Of Pitches about their tournament [Action: Stephen].

c. Lexi is to look into a potential one day Raiders tournament, government guidelines permitting [Action:Lexi].

5. Financial

a. Bank balance update

b. LSL fees refund to be chased [Action: Kurt].

c. Wandsworth refund to be chased [Action: Kurt].

d. £50 donation to UK Black Pride and £50 donation to The Outside Project [Action: Kurt to transfer monies].

6. Resources

a. Lucy has shared all the videos for posting.

7. Insurance

a. 3rd Request has been made for copy of insurance policy. Cristian will continue to chase. [Action:Cristian].

b. Question raised about refund of league fees and insurance cover. [Action: Cristian].

8. Next meeting

To be confirmed once we decide there is a need. Updates to be communicated in WhatsApp Group or Email

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