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Committee Meeting - 8th January 2020

1. Training

a) 5 week pre-season training (fitness and strength based) starting on 19th January.

b) 10 week softball training to run from end Feb until end May.

c) Team specific training will run during April

d) Mid-week running club and bootcamp sessions will be arranged if there is enough interest.

e) External coaches have been approached for specific skills training – numbers will be limited.

f) Women-only sessions to be introduced. Lucy offered to run these sessions, starting on 16th February or 1st March.

2. Team Selection

Teams are to be selected after the training session on 28th March. Captains to be decided as early as possible.

3. Finance

a) Not published - Please email Kurt on with any questions

4. Social

a) Meet the Raiders on 4th March

b) Start of season party on 2nd May – venue to be decided.

c) Regular quiz night and Rockaoke nights are to be arranged.

5. Tournaments

a) Investigation by tournament officers to enter single-sex tournaments.

b) The Tournament Managers will ask for interest first and ask for captains from that list

c) The website says pool players don’t get priority over full members, this is not currently stuck to

d) Committee agreed that non-Raiders are not allowed to play on Raiders teams unless there are no eligible Raiders available, if a captain wants to add a non-Raider they need to ask the Tournament Managers for special dispensation. Captains must always be Raiders.

6. End of Season Survey Review

a) You Said – We Do to be created.

7. Start of Season survey

a) New start of season survey to be designed. The survey will be released earlier compared to last year. There is a possibility of offering a prize draw to get more responses in.

8. Social Media/Website

a) Main events calendar is being worked on, calendar for the next two months to be released soon.

b) Facebook/Instagram/E-mails will be dealt with by certain members of committee.

c) The website is a work in progress.

d) Vote for keeping the Social WhatsApp group to take place in next meeting.

e) Teamer (the app which Green used last year) to be trialled for league/tournament purposes.

f) Restricting the Facebook Group to members only to be discussed at next meeting.

9. Recruitment

a) Flyers and Badges to help promote the club were discussed as ideas for recruitment.

b) Out for Sport on 23rd April (Venue TBC) – Andy and Amelia to represent Raiders.

c) Investigation of using part of the budget for Facebook and Instagram promotion.

d) Recruitment video discussed as a possibility – volunteers required to star in this video.

e) It was determined that flyers are rarely picked up and are not worth creating.

10. AOB

a) Kit – No longer using Aswani. Wendy to remain in charge of kit issues.

11. The next meeting is proposed to take place on Monday, 27th January. Topics for discussion:-

a) Pool players

b) Dues

c) Facebook group permissions

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