Committee Meeting - 29th April (online)

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

In attendance: Cristian, Stephen, Lucy, Anthea, Lexi, Gustav, Amelia, Kurt, Jacques

Apologies: Andy, James

1. Financial

a. Refunds being sought from London Softball League, Wandsworth Common, for tournaments (Diamond; Sons of Pitches; Rookieball). Updates awaited, to be provided when available.

b. Refunds to be paid to those members who have already paid their membership fees for this season. Should we have a shorter season later in 2020, a reduced membership fee structure will be formulated.

c. Current club bank balance: ---.

2. Calendar / events

a. Outdoor and in person events previously planned for May 2020 to be deleted from club calendar, and on a rolling basis the calendar will continue to be amended in this way, in line with Government advice and regulations.

b. Virtual events to be added to the calendar and publicised via usual channels.

c. Communication to be sent to club about ongoing cancellation of events from May and on a rolling basis.

d. Poll to ask members what kind of virtual activities they would like the club to offer during lockdown.

e. Initial events planned: exercise, quiz.

f. Other ideas to be researched.

3. Kit

a. General consensus to seek to get new kit organised during this ‘season’.

b. Updates to follow next meeting.

4. Communication to captains

a. Message to update captains about planning and team selection.

5. Internal Raiders softball league or tournament/s to be considered later in the year if possible.

6. Next meeting: Wednesday 13 May 2020.

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