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Committee Meeting - 27th January

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

1. Start of Season Survey and ‘You Said – We Did’

a. Draft of Start of Season survey written.

b. A randomly chosen person completing the survey may receive a prize.

c. The contact details for the Tournament Officers to be linked directly on the survey for better communication about tournaments.

d. The survey is to be left open but encourage people to fill out survey within two weeks.

e. You said – We Did: now live on website.

2. Tournaments

a. Flowchart designed to explain process to enter a tournament, including player eligibility and priority of selection of players. Summary paragraph to be written.

b. Money must be collected from tournament players two weeks before the tournament. Two-week cut off for refunds if player cancels.

c. Tournaments throughout the year are to be announced in blocks to gauge interest.

d. Captains make the final decision of entering a team into a tournament.

e. Single-Sex tournaments to be entered if there is enough interest. Higher standards of play.

3. Social Media/Website

a. Training calendar to be created. Needs to be distributed once created.

b. If enough support from Start of Season Survey, Teamer app to be phased in for tournaments and training programme. Can also be used for merchandise purchase.

4. Recruitment

a. Items that could be used for club promotion include badges, stickers, bottle opener key rings and flyers.

b. Budget of around £150-£200 agreed to purchase promotional merchandise.

5. Membership Fees

a. Fees for 2020, as voted by committee:-




iv. GAME FEE: £5


b. Please contact Kurt on for any finance related questions

c. All playing members eligible for tournament selection.

d. It was voted to eliminate limiting casual membership to previous Raiders only.

e. £5 game fee retained for a player’s rostered team game, £2 for any other games.

f. Players for other LSL teams helping to fill out line-up play free. Non-LSL players must pay full £5.

6. Pool Player System

a. Pool players should always be the first to be asked when a team for a league game cannot be filled.

7. Social Update

a. Meet the Raiders - Little Ku Bar (upstairs) has been booked (without charge) for the 4th March.

b. Pride registrations open this week. Once place has been confirmed for the march, fee is paid. Post-Pride venues have been investigated; however, many bars do not know their plans so far in advance. Looking will continue.

8. Facebook Group Permissions

a. It was proposed to introduce moderator approvals for posts on the Facebook group.

9. Kit

a. Aswani has been dropped, new supplier is Phase 4 Ltd.

b. Proposed Kit Items were game shirts, training shirts, hoodies and zoodies, caps, shorts, base layers, waterproof jackets, socks, visors, water bottles and mugs.

c. Possibility of new shirt design with new supplier – members can submit designs.

d. A package can potentially be offered for a set combination of kit.

10. Any Other Business

a. Joanna (General Officer) has stood down from the committee. No replacement to be elected.

b. A team training budget has been proposed for each team for any extra training they wish to conduct as a team - £75 per team.

c. WhatsApp group created could be used to broadcast any events and training – only the committee will be able to post in the group.

Next Meeting

The next meeting is proposed to take place on Wednesday, 12th February 2020.

To be discussed:

Team commitment issues


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