Committee Meeting - 27th February

1. Captain Selection

a. It was thus agreed that all teams would have just two captains.

b. It was agreed that it was preferable to have a male and female (or non-binary) captain for each team.

c. Captains:-

i. GOLD: Lexi K, Andy K

ii. BLUE: James E, Hernan R

iii. RED: Derek D, Laura N

iv. GREEN: Stephen C, Anthea H

v. INDIGO: Mike B, James H

vi. ORANGE: Amelia B, Rich J

2. Start of Season Survey

a. High retention rate of players, with only a few gaps in each team. Key results are released to committee on week starting 2 March.

b. Orange remains as the lowest ranking team, Indigo to move up in hierarchy.

3. League Teams

a. Commitment Issues – people should be able to commit to a team before they are selected.

b. Home Nights:-

i. Gold Tuesdays Colliers Wood

ii. Blue Tuesdays Colliers Wood

iii. Red Thursdays Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Road)

iv. Green Wednesdays Colliers Wood

v. Orange Thursdays Wandsworth Common (Bellevue Road)

vi. Indigo Tuesday Blackhorse Road

c. Club to look at alternative grounds in South London for Indigo’s home ground.

4. Regular Training Sessions

a. Guest coaches – Chris Yoxall to coach more experienced players, and Ryan Turtill to coach less experienced players.

b. Chris Yoxall could also take the captains to discuss running a successful team.

c. Proposed equipment to purchase are standard softballs and weighted softballs. Game balls to be counted to ensure there are enough.

d. Some more locks may be required for the bags at Colliers Wood.

e. A general overview/audit of kit and equipment at all sites should be performed to see if anything is broken and needs to be replaced.

5. Women’s and Non-Binary Training Sessions

a. 22nd March is the proposal for the next women’s and non-binary training session. Liz and Kat will need to be contacted to see if they are free on this date.

b. These sessions can be used to encourage women/non-binary players to enter single-sex tournaments, umpire and captain teams in the future.

6. Tournaments

a. Tournaments entered thus far:-

i. Son of Pitches

ii. Rookie Ball

iii. Diamonds 1, 2 and 3

b. Potential tournament entries if enough interest shown:-

i. Manchester Firstball

ii. Let The Girls Play

c. Whole list of tournaments should be accessible to people on the calendar.

7. Financial Update

a. ---

8. Social Calendar

a. Meet the Raiders

i. All the committee will be attending and should wear their Raiders shirts.

ii. According to Facebook, 70 people will be attending.

b. Pride

i. Confirmation of place in the parade is still pending.

ii. There have been some issues with booking the post-pride party at Freedom, therefore Bar-Soho is another alternative.

iii. Cross Sport Socials – plans to e-mail other clubs’ social managers to organise these.

9. Kit

a. Prices for proposed items, along with minimum orders and turn around times have been compiled in a spreadsheet.

b. Only a few designs for the new Raiders shirt have come up – it was decided to wait until the next meeting to decide on a final design for the shirt, to enable new designs to be created.

c. Samples need to be received for all the items to ensure that they fit their purpose.

d. For game shirts, samples for male and female shirts, in as many sizes as possible, should be obtained.

10. Recruitment and Publicity

a. Badges (with the Raiders logo) have arrived.

b. Flyers still need to be ordered.

c. Designs for flags (during pride) still need to be created, including the possibility of a Trans flag.

d. Boyz magazine article officially released on Saturday 29th February.

11. Social Media

a. Promotional film was very well viewed.

12. Any Other Business

a. The Sports Fair is likely to be in April.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11th February

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