Committee Meeting - 24th June (online)

In attendance: Cristian, Stephen, Lucy, Anthea, Lexi, Amelia, Andy, Jacques

Apologies: James, Kurt, Gustav

1. Pride

a. Members to be invited to share past and present photos and videos to celebrate Pride [Action: Gustav].

b. Prizes (2 x bottles of Pride gin) available for best two entries [Action: Cristian to purchase].

c. Supporting two charities in place of Pride expenditure: £50 donation to UK Black Pride and £50 donation to The Outside Project [Action: Kurt to transfer monies].

2. Calendar / events

a. Quizzes to reduce in frequency (fortnightly in July and August; moving to monthly from September onwards). Hosts to be organised for July and August [Action: Andy, Stephen, ALL].

b. Communications to the club about reduced frequency of quizzes [Action: Gustav].

3. Kit

a. Committee members trying sample items and feeding back to all(base layers, jogging bottoms, jacket) [Action: ALL].

b. Phase 4 to be asked questions from Committee members as captured in group chat [Action: James].

4. Tournaments

a. Diamond 1 & 2 – provisional team and captain selection, seeking COVID-19 risk assessment and organisational information [Action: Lexi, Stephen].

5. Financial

a. Diamond 3 refund to be chased [Action: Kurt].

b. LSL fees refund to be chased [Action: Kurt].

6. Resources

a. Useful videos, websites, social media links to be shared with the club via Facebook (e.g. ‘Ask a Blue’, softball drills) [Action: Lucy].

7. Insurance

a. Copy of insurance policy being sought to check wording / review in light of COVID-19 [Action: Cristian, Lucy].

8. Next meeting:

Wednesday 8 July 2020, 7:30pm via Zoom [Action: Stephen to organise meeting].

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