Committee Meeting - 24th February 2021

Attending: Anthea, Cora, Cristian, Derek, Gustav, Lucy, Kurt

Apologies: Andy, Lexi

1. LSL AGM Update

- The LSL voted in a new committee for the year, Ali from Raiders is on the


- They were unable to confirm season plans at the time of the meeting

- Each team was asked to confirm if they will be able to field teams this season

- BSUK to send out an update shortly

2. Finance Update

- 2021 Diamond tournaments and league entry fees have already been paid for

- £327 was spent on new kit from the USA

- Wandsworth Pitch bookings are now done by Continental Landscapes, Kurt to ask if he can

set up an account so any of us can book rather than going through him

3. Plan for 2021

- Lucy forwarded last years plan for people (especially new board members) to


- Need to check with Andy re external coaches, are they still willing to coach


- The first session back planned for 3rd April, dependant on lockdown easing

according the schedule

- Assuming for 30 people per session, as were allowed last year, these

numbers make it easier to keep people spaced out

- If more people want to come we could run 2 sessions divided by level

- Newbies should not be kept separate as we want them to get to know the

social side as well, perhaps integrate their training with recent new members

- We should offer as much as we can within the guidelines

- Fitness training was suggested, ask about this in the survey

- We need to emphasise the safety precautions we are taking as this may

encourage people to come, ask what we can do to make people feel safer

- We need a Covid officer

4. Start of Season Survey

We need to find out if we have enough people for all the teams this season

Gustav to send out a short pre-start of season survey asking about training

5. Tournaments

- Gay Games 2022 in Hong Kong - Do we want to send a team?

Derek is keen to get us international games

- There is also a gay tournament in Vegas in 2022

- Raiders Tournament is pencilled in for 21st August at Farnham Park

6. Socials

- Get social media going again, we could do an Instagram Q&A or meet the

Raiders online.

- Contact LGBTQ+ press (Katie has contacts at Diva)

- Look into doing some online socials

- Pride is happening but we don’t know in what form, Derek volunteers for them

so will have the inside scoop

7. Kit

- There is no hurry with this. Next year is Raiders 30th anniversary so we could

hold out on new kit until then. Start a relationship with a new provider this

year ready for it.

- We could look into getting sponsors but need to keep in mind if sponsors

change the kit will also need to change

8. AOB


Next meeting scheduled for Tues 9th March, 7.30pm

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