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Committee Meeting - 17th December 2019


1. Start of Meeting

a. Ground Rules - To ensure meetings run effectively, ground rules were discussed to lay down what was expected of everyone in the meeting.

b. Decision Making Processes - When decisions concerning the club had to be made, a hierarchy of voting processes was put in place.

c. Sensitive Issues – Discussions took place on how sensitive issues should be handled.

2. Committee Roles A brief explanation of the roles within the committee was given by the club captains (with any additional explanations given by incumbent committee members from last year).

3. Committee Member Introductions

Each member of the committee was asked to prepare a 60 second introduction to present to other members. The presentations included what each member endeavoured to bring to the role and the club in 2020

4. Urgent/Priority Issues Several issues were discussed (mainly pressing issues which needed to be decided before the first official training session.

a. Off Season Training

b. Membership Fees

c. Social Events

d. Training Programme – in general and for beginners

5. Committee Goals and Priorities for the Season Certain aims were put forward by the entire committee. The goals to focus on are as follows:-

a. Better communication from the club to all members.

b. Maintain a positive club atmosphere.

c. Improve social calendar.

d. Have a good retention rate (going into 2021).

e. Improve integration within LGBT+ community.

6. Off Season Marketing

a. Meet the Committee - produce posts on social media to introduce the committee to Raiders.

b. Raiders Pups – many Raiders members own dogs – more posts dedicated to these dogs could help encourage more people to join.

7. Agreed Actions

a. Draft training program completed by 5th January 2020.

b. Costings and proposed membership fees by 5th January 2020.

c. Social calendar plans by 5th January 2020.

d. Decision of tournaments to enter, and paragraph explaining how tournaments to be completed by next committee meeting (8th January 2020).

e. Paragraph explaining captains and team selection process to be completed by next committee meeting (8th January 2020).

f. Summary of the End of Season survey results sent to committee before the next meeting (8thJanuary 2020).

g. Start of Season survey to be ready to discuss for the next meeting (8th January 2020).

h. Agenda for next meeting (8th January 2020) to be sent out.

8. Next Meeting

The next meeting is proposed to take place on Wednesday, 8th January 2020. All actions detailed in section 8 should be completed.

Topics for discussion:-

a. Decision of membership fee structure.

b. Discussion of pool player system.

c. Organising the Meet the Raiders event.

d. Instagram – Meet the Committee posts.

e. End of Season 2019 Survey results.

f. What to use extra finances towards.

g. Recruitment – events, flyers, business cards, posters.

h. Instagram Access/Permissions

i. Tournament Selection

j. Website content review.

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