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Committee Meeting - 12th February

1. Start of Season Survey

a) Survey currently open – due to be closed on 22nd February.

b) Some notes from current results:-

i) Majority of members had lack of confidence in umpiring.

ii) Strong interest for women’s/non-binary only training sessions.

iii) Batting was the skill most people wanted to work on.

iv) Mixed feelings regarding boot camp and running club.

v) Most people were interested in both competitive and recreational tournaments.

vi) Women less likely to be interested in tournament captaining.

vii) People tended not to prefer Teamer for communication.

viii) Special events were the most requested socials.

c) Captains for 2020 will be discussed at next meeting.

2. Training

a) Standalone American football style net and weighted balls purchased for training.

b) Committee to discuss purchasing a new batting net, as one appears to be broken.

c) The committee discussed training clinic sessions. There were concerns about commitment and the committee agreed that a deposit scheme could be used – agreed to be £10 deposit per training clinic session.

d) Attendance at these sessions should be prioritised based on willingness to share/lead sessions within the Raiders training.

e) The first sessions will take place on 29th March.

f) Boot camp and the general training plan was discussed.

g) Training plan has been approved.

3. Women and Non-Binary Training Sessions

a) 16 people signed up for the sessions using Doodle.

b) The training will be broad and cover fielding, outfield catches and batting. Liz Knight will run the session with Kat McCann.

c) There was a discussion on the length of the training session plan and the reason for developing women and non-binary only sessions.

d) One women’s/non-binary session is currently planned to run.

4. Team Training

a) A training budget for each team was approved. £75 will be allocated to each team. The session must have at least 50% of the team included.

5. Tournaments

a) A total of £1800 has been spent on tournament entry to date, but this will be returned to the club through individual payments.

b) Tournaments begin from May so these should be advertised soon.

6. Umpiring

a) There was a recommendation to have an umpiring training course for Raiders. Committee are looking to talk to the relevant people to encourage this.

b) Suggestion to promote mentors for new umpires.

c) There will be a push for people to try umpiring during training games.

7. Social Update

a) Pride spaces have been requested.

b) A Pride party venue has been found at Bar Soho – this will be confirmed.

c) Flags will be ordered – four for £75. The design will be created once the new kit is finalised.

d) Meet the Raiders has been advertised on Facebook, taking place on the 4th March.

e) Axe throwing will take place on Sunday 23rd February.

8. Kit Update

a) The items that the committee requested at the previous meeting are all available on Phase 4, depending on minimum order numbers.

b) The committee was in favour of submitting its own designs against Phase 4 providing designs.

c) Club members encouraged to create designs; these then go to the club for a vote.


a) Raiders should attend to ensure that Gold can enter NSL3.

10. MLB and BSUK Coaching

a) Lucy and Andy are scheduled to attend a training weekend in Slough. These are placeholder spaces and could be given to others in the club.

11. Recruitment and Publicity

a) James had sent photos and a write-up of the club for Boyz magazine.

b) Anthea presented the costs for merchandise.

c) Future events: survey results suggest members would like more cross-sport socials.

12. AOB

a) Next meeting to take place on 27th February at 6.30pm.

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