Committee Meeting - 10th June (online)


Mock-up for Gustav and Andy’s designs have been completed. The final decision for next year’s kit needs to be decided at some point – with voting open to the club. Sample shirts have been prepared, so a physical look at all the kit is required.


It is unwise to run Raiders training sessions for the time being, even in groups of six. It is not safe just yet, as the effect of easing the lockdown has not been observed yet. Demand would be too great, and some Raiders live far away.

One option is to run training sessions in localised small groups, in no more than six, in similar areas. However, any sessions must not be under the Raiders banner, they must be self-organised without the organisation of the club.

If a committee member wishes to organise such a session, they will need to make clear that it is not with the club’s involvement.

Guidance from the government can be posted to the Facebook group and other forms of social media.

Practice at home is possible, and equipment can be purchased from the Baseball/Softball shop, where Raiders have a 10% discount.

Draft message for Facebook Posts/Comms to be prepared detailing all of this.


LSL training videos on Facebook page can be linked too, along with Ask the Blue videos made by BSUK. Game Ready page to be posted to group as well.

Hand/Eye Coordination drills can be shared on the official Instagram page.


Hosts: Anthea, Mike, Amelia, Lucy, maybe Kat.


27 June would have been Pride 2020. Messages can be posted to collect ideas for what the club can do to celebrate Pride. BLM can be acknowledged, with pride fees donated to BLM/LGBT charties.

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