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Annual General Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday 27 November 2019 Location: The Bread & Roses Pub, Clapham

34 Paid Members attended .

1. Review minutes of the Jan 2019 AGM

Minutes were made available for everyone to review. The minutes were passed.

2. Managers’ Review of the 2019 Season

The managers presented their report from last season:

League: This was a year difficult year of rebuilding across all the teams. Gold, Blue and Red were relegated from their divisions. A positive to take was that the teams managed to gel well towards the end of the season. Something we can build on.

2019 also saw the start of Raiders Indigo mid season which combined the folded Jets Team and new member Raiders.

League MVPs for the year:

  • Gold: Andy K and Lexi K

  • Blue: Mark G and Joanna P

  • Red: Eoin L and Ellen W

  • Green: Alex P and Cora L

  • Orange: Tally and Charity S

  • Indigo: Mike B and Mary J

  • Raider of the Year: Gustav A

  • Rookie of the Year: Mike B

Training: Without a specific training manager this year there was a committee effort to organise everything. A lot of training was provided by Raiders with also external coaches being used to help develop all levels.

Kit: With Aswani providing inadequate kit this year the committee have decided to stop using them as a preferred supplier. It was decided among the committee to take a break from creating a brand new design for kit and progress with a new supplier.

It was raised that the club should make the decision about a new kit design so that will be discussed in future committee meetings on how to proceed.

A suggestion of implementing a deposit scheme for our current training gloves was also made.

Tournaments: Raiders had a full season of tournaments. Across all levels - D, C and B with varying degrees of success.

Two teams were entered into the Diamond Series C & B Grade.

The B team also entered the NSL 3 Tournament but were unsuccessful to be promoted to NSL 2.

There was a number of different D grade tournaments entered which will be continued to be


Raiders’ Tournament: After there being no tournament last year Kat took the helm with a sub committee to create a very successful tournament this season.

Held at Farnham Common we had a record number of teams entered. The day was a great success with money raised for the LGBTQ charity “Opening Doors”.

3. Financial Accounts

Kurt presented the balance sheet for the year. The end of year balance showed the club to be in a surplus. For more information or questions please email Kurt (

A couple of questions were raised:

Why was the Start of Season so Expensive?

A: This was due to the minimum spend at the bar not being reached for the night. Therefore the managers decided to offer a free bar for the last hour to make up the difference rather than lose the money.

What was the Pride money spent on?

A: Registration, Inflatables, Bucks-fizz to welcome Raiders in the morning.

4. Code Of Conduct

Last AGM the committee proposed a Code of Conduct which would be reviewed.

An amended Code of Conduct was voted for with an agreed amendment to include a section about Social Media. The full code of conduct will be posted on the website.

5. Elections of New Committee

All positions were voted on and elected. This year saw more than one person considered for the role for some positions. It was agreed at the AGM to allow more than one person to fill the role.

Club Managers

Cristian S

Lucy P


Jacques D-S


Kurt N


Gustav A

Tournament Manager

Stephen C

Lexi K

Social Manager

James H

General Officer

Joanna P

Anthea H

Amelia B


Andy K

A big thank you to the committee of 2019 especially to Wendy who has served as Club Manager for 3 years.

6. AOB

Constitution Amendment - Was voted in favour by a majority.

In order for the club to reflect the diverse membership it was proposed to change:

4. Officers

4.1. The “Executive Officers” of the Club shall be:

4.1.1. Female Club Manager

4.1.2. Male Club Manager


4. Officers

4.1.1. 2 Managers ensuring gender diversity in the roles.

(The exact wording TBC as was not available at the time of print)

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