2020 Annual General Meeting - 1st of December

Raiders 2020 AGM - 1st of December. 7:30pm

Quorum was reached with 26 members attending, (quorum reached with 17 members).

Topics discussed: Overview of what the club has achieved this year (Cristian), Finance update (Kurt), Committee elections (Cristian)

Overview of 2020 achievements (Cristian)

Had several socials before lockdown, including meet the raiders, axe throwing, quizzes a big success. Had several pre-season training, including fitness training. Thanks to James and Andy for running these.

With socials and marketing, drew lots of attention from new members (c30), including some experienced women - hope to be able to build on this next year.

Developed a new selection process of tournaments, will share next year.

During lockdown: ran lots of quizzes and online training, yoga.

Post lockdown: ran several sessions for new and experienced players - batting clinics, games, new players sessions.

Purchases: we mainly purchased a net, but with Covid, nothing more.

Promoting Raiders: Amelia attended an event to promote the club.

Pride: no parade this year, but celebrated in a different way. Committee agreed to donate the fees for entry into the march to two charities (UK Black Pride and Outside Project, the latter is a charity for homeless LGBTQ people).

Thanks to Jacques, Amelia and Stephen for their work on committee this year, all three were not standing for re-election.

Financial Report - Kurt

Funds have been spent on:

Usual marketing and comms, including domain hosting;

Training sessions (9), including pitch hire and coach (one session only);

Pride fees donated as noted above;


London Softball League have retained fees for the 2020 season (team entry for five existing teams and one new (Indigo) - these will not need to be paid next year.

Diamond have retained fees (for D1, D2 and D3: a B and a C team in all) - we are thus already entered in both and will not need to pay this next season.

Members may contract Kurt on for more details regarding the club finances

Questions to the committee / updates:

1. Question about kit, have the committee decided on a supplier, and will we be requiring people to buy a new kit?

Cristian: no decisions been made about kit, are considering two suppliers - Phase 4 and another one which is a softball specialist. Nobody will be forced to buy kit, it'll be introduced gradually alongside existing kit.

2. Question about upcoming coaching summit in January 2021 and whether Raiders will be taking up this offer. Person asking would be willing to be a coach/take a space if Raiders are taking up this offer.

Lucy: noted that it is predominantly baseball and fast-pitch focussed, but we will consider.

3. Update about Raiders tournament: a provisional booking has been made for summer 2021 at Farnham Park, but exact date to be confirmed depending on other clashes. Person updating indicating she is willing to work with the committee and anyone else on building this tournament.

4. Question about the club’s bank balance, if we have enough in the balance should we buy new kit for the club / invest in the club?

Kurt: we did buy gloves last year (2019) and had planned to spend more on training next year, are looking to do more. Because club was in a good position, we didn't ask people to pay for the post lockdown training sessions.

Andy: plans were to spend more on training kit (but Covid disrupted this), have bought a net and hopefully will be able to spend more next year.

5. Question about use of funds, given that our bank balance is healthy could the committee consider financial aid for those who have had finances hit by Covid for next year's fees?

Cristian: committee will consider.

6. Update: BSF fees might go up this year.

Cristian: acknowledged.

2021 Committee Elections:

The following were elected to positions uncontested and without any objections raised:

Club Managers: Lucy and Cristian.

Treasurer: Kurt.

Social: James.

Training: Andy.

Secretary: Anthea.

Tournaments: Lexi.

General Officers: Derek and Cora. Communications: Gustav.


a. Question about captains for next season, would this year’s captains be retained, or would there be a new selection process?

Cristian: to be discussed at the next committee meeting.

b. Question about elections to committee positions, how did people know which ones were vacant?

Cristian: the email had a list of committee positions and that this did not identify if anyone was standing or not. It was explained that Cora had originally put herself forward to stand as social officer, but decided to run for General Officer instead for the benefit of the club/committee.

No other business, AGM concluded.

Good luck for next year!

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