June & July Events

Monday Night Pick-Up Games

Sign up for a Monday night game at Wandsworth Common : Bellevue Road.


Everybody is invited, and beginners will be given a number of priority spots at these games. Casual members pay £5, full members do not pay anything.

Saturday Training

All Raiders welcome, particularly those who are new to the club or don't play regular league games.

Raiders Picnic Ball

Welcome to Raiders PicnicBall 2021! We aim to run two 4 hour tournaments with three completely mixed Raiders teams (ideally each team will have players from Gold, Blue, Red, Green, Orange). Everyone should play two full games. Beginners, this is a great opportunity to play with more experienced Raiders, and eat and drink all day long - the perfect introduction to softball tournaments in general. Bring picnic blankets, food, drink, children and pets!


Free of charge to all members. Location Wandsworth Common : John Archer Way 

TRA - Training 

TOU - Tournaments 


SOC - Social 


COM - Committee